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Unix- LVM commonly asked Interview questions..

Regular tasks
I) How to create a Volume Group (VG).
II) How to create a Logical Volume (LV) and mount the file system.

III) How to add a disk to a Volume Group
IV) How to increase the size of a logical volume without OnlineJFS
V) How to remove a Logical Volume
VI) How to reduce the size of a logical volume without OnlineJFS (advanced JFS)
VII) How to remove a disk from a volume group
VIII) How to remove a volume group
IX) How to increase the primary swap
X) How to create a secondary boot disk LVM Mirroring
XI) How to mirror a logical volume
XII) How to unmirror a logical volume
XIII) How to create a mirrored boot disk
XIV) How to mirror a logical volume on a specific physical volume Physical Volume Group
XV) How to create a Physical Volume Group (PVG)
XVI) How to use PVG to mirror logical volumes on specific physical volumes.

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I read this post 2 times. It is very useful.

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My big question is, how can I remove a PVG if I have two PVGs. For example I have PVG0 and PVG1 with VG mirrored. I need to remove PVG1.


You need to break the mirror first. After that you can remove, the PVG

nice article keep it up....................

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