To list all the mksysb resources
# lsnim -t mksysb
# lsnim -t spot

To list all the machines
# lsnim -t standalone
# lsnim -c machines

To reset the NIM status of system host-10

# nim -o reset -a force=yes host-10
# nim -Fo reset host10

To Force Deallocate all the resources from system host-01
# nim -Fo deallocate -a subclass=all host-01

To rebuild the /etc/niminfo file in the master
# nimconfig -r

To rebuild the /etc/niminof file in the NIM client
# niminit -a master= -a name=

To remove a machine from the NIM environment
# nim -o remove

To define a mksysb resource
# nim -o define -t mksysb -a server=master -a location=file>

To enable Base OS install in a client using mksysb resource
# nim -o bos_inst -a source=mksysb -a spot=spot_53ML4 -a accept_licenses=yes
   -a mksysb=file>

To add additional software to lppsource1
# nim -o update -a packages=all source=/dev/cd0 lppsource1

To update the spot and lppsource to the latest level
# nim_update_all -l -s -d -u -B

Some useful NIM SMIT Fast paths

 smit nim_mkmac        # Adding new machines
smit nim_bosinst       # For doing BOS install operation on a machine

Common NIM Error codes

 608 - tftp retrieve of client info file failure 
Action If a 608 hang is encountered, verify that the file exists in the /tftpboot directory. If it does not exist, retry the NIM operation to create it. If it does exist, verify that tftp access to the /tftpboot directory is not restricted in the /etc/tftpaccess.ctl file. is also possible that the network adapter was not configured properly in the boot environment

611 - Remote mount of NFS file system failure 
Action 611 hangs occur when the client machine is unable to mount a resource from a server. Ensure that NFS is running on the resource server. Verify that the resources specified for the operation are exported properly by checking the /etc/exports and /etc/xtab files on the server. Also, confirm that the resources have permissions set correctly for reading.

613 - Failure setting up route tables 
Action 613 hangs usually occur because a route is incorrectly defined for a network in the NIM database. Verify that the correct gateways are specified between networks, and all gateways are functional. Use debug-enabled network boot images to determine which routes could not be defined.

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