changing boot order in AIX

What does the boot logical volume(blv) contains?

Contents of Boot Logical Volume in AIX

  • Kernal - Copy of /unix
  • LVM Commands
  • ODM Predefined Structure
  • ODM Customized Structure

  • rc.boot shell script

How to Listing and changing the current boot order in AIX

bootlist -m normal -o              - Lists the current bootlist
bootlist -m normal cd0 hdisk0   - To set cd0 and hdisk0 as first and second boot devices
bootlist -m service cd0 rmt0    - To change the bootlist for service mode

To find out whether a Hard drive is bootable

# ipl_varyon -i
PVNAME        BOOT DEVICE     PVID                                            VOLUME GROUP ID
hdisk0          YES             00c898eb372ea9410000000000000000        00c898eb00004c00
hdisk1          YES             00c898eb38483a300000000000000000        00c898eb00004c00
hdisk2          NO              00c898bbdd86318c0000000000000000        00c898bb00004c00

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