Windows XP, 2000 and 2003 Boot Process

following are the booting files for xp ; boot.ini, ntldt,, ntoskrnl.exe,bootdd.sys, bootsect.dos,hal.dll, system.

First there will be pre- boot sequence, it includes the following
1.POST(power on self test) first check for hardware
2.loads boot.ini, loads mbr.
3.mbr loads active partation
4ntldr loads o.s.

boot process:  first loads boot.ini, ntldr will be in boot.ini it loads os. boot.ini shows available os for selection, check for hardware, ntoskrnl.exe loads drivers for devices.

Booting process are classified into 5 steps.

2.The MBR reads the boot sector which is the first sector of the active partition.
3.Ntldr locket path of os from boot.ini
4.Ntldr to run to get information about installed hardware.
5.Ntldr reads the registry files then select a hardware profile, control set and  loads device drivers. 
6.After that Ntoskrnl.exe takes over and starts winlogon.exe which starts lsass.exe
   this is the program that display the welcome screen.

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