Bootup/Shutdown in HP unix

shutdown -r 0 –> reboot
shutdown -h now  –> shutdown and halt
shutdown 0 –> shutdown to single user mode
reboot 0 –> reboot
init 1 – single user mode
hpux -is  boots single user mode

Interupting the boot process:

  • Configuration Menu
  • Information Menu
  • Service Menu

GSP Mode

  • From the console hit <ctrl><b>
  • Hit <Enter> at the GSP console login (default is no password)
  • Now low level commands can be entered
    • ps  –> power status

To reboot to single user mode:

  1. shutdown -r 0
  2. hit <space> during 10 sec window to interrupt reboot
  3. enter: <b><o>
  4. interact with ipl? yes
  5. hpux -is  (i=init, s=single user)

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