Extending a VxFS Filesystem (No Online JFS)

Extending a VxFS Filesystem (No Online JFS)
  1. Verify that there is enough space in the volume group
    • vgdisplay <VG Name>
    • If there is not enough space then the volume group must be extended - see procedure below.
  2. First lvextend the logical volume - 2 Options for lvextend:
    1. lvextend -L <New Size in MB> /dev/VG_NAME/LV_NAME
    2. lvextend -l <NEW Size in # of LEs> /dev/VG_NAME/LV_NAME
  3. Unmount the filesystem
  4. extendfs -F vxfs /dev/<VG_Name>/r<LV_Name>
    • Note:  extendfs uses the raw logical volume name (ie rlvol1)

How to determine if you have Online JFS
  • swlist -l fileset | grep -i advanced
How to determine the filesystem type
  • grep <mount point> /etc/fstab
  • Results should show the filesystem type (vxfs or hfs) in the return string

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