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FTP Server (VSFTPD) in Linux - Quick Notes

VSFTPD - Very Secure File Transfer Protocol Daemon

 1. FTPD
 2. Chroot jail
 3. anonymous and local-user auth
 4. Rate-limiting
To  Install 'vsftpd'
   yum -y install vsftpd or  rpm -ivh <VSFTPD_PACKAGE.rpm>

To Start the server
   service vsftpd start

To verify the status of port and listening
netstat -ntlp | grep 21

Configure service to start when system boots into multi-user runlevel
  a. chkconfig vsftpd on
  b. chkconfig --list vsftpd

To Connect to the FTPD service:
  a. Use web browser, which defaults to anonymous
  b. Use standard FTP client, as anonymous
  c. setsebool -P ftp_home_dir=1 - permits users access to their home directory
  d. service vsftpd restart - for changes to take effect

Edit the Configuration file /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf for various options.

To Chroot jail local users & disable 'anonymous' access
  a. chroot_local_user=YES - this jails users
  b. service vsftpd restart - for changes to take effect
  c. test connectivity as 'anonymous' and 'non-anonymous' users

 To Enable IPv6 listener:
  a. listen_ipv6=YES - DO NOT USE WITH 'listen=YES(IPv4)'
To Restrict 'non-anonymous' user's transfer rate
   local_max_rate=1000 - restricts connections to 1000/bps (1K/s)

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