AIX File Systems - Quick HOWTO


hd1  -------------  /home
hd2  -------------  /usr
hd3  -------------  /tmp
hd4  -------------    /           
hd5  -------------  BLV (Boot Logical Volume)
hd6  ------------   Paging space
hd8  ------------  JFS2 log
hd9var ---------   /var
hd10opt ------    /opt

Remove mount point entry and the LV for /my_mount_point
      rmfs /my_mount_point (Add -r to remove mount point)

Grow the /var lesystem by 1 Gig
       chfs -a size=+1G /var

Grow the /var lesystem to 1 Gig
      chfs -a size=1G /var

Find the le usage on a file system
      du -smx /home

List lesystems in a grep-able format

Get extended information about the /home file system
      lsfs -q /home

Create a log device on datavg VG
      mklv -t jfs2log -y datalog1 datavg 1

Format the log device just created
      logform /dev/datalog1

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