AIX Crash Recovery Procedure

This is the step by step guide to recover AIX OS from the Tape Backup (MKSYSB Backup)

Ensure the Following:

a. Ensure the mksysb backup which will be used for the crash recovery process.
b. Ensure AIX 5.3 CD set is available. AIX 5.3 CD1 will be used for recovery.

Steps to be followed for recovery are as follows:

1. Place AIX 5.3 VOL 1 CD and  Shutdown the machine

2. Disconnect the FC cables from the HBA on servers (If any) and  mark them properly such that they could be plugged back after restoration.

3. Power on the machine

4. With the first beep enter the SMS menu by pressing F1 or 1

Language selection menu:

Continue to password entry by pressing (3)

Put password

Main menu:

            Select boot option (press 5)

Multi boot menu:

Select install boot device   (press 1)

Select Device type:

Select CD/DVD   (press 3)

Select Media type

Select "list all devices" by pressing 9 and select DVD ROM 

Select Media adapter

                   Select IDE DVD-ROM Drive

# lsdev -Cc cdrom

(cd0 Available 04-08-00 IDE DVD-ROM Drive) 

# lsdev -Cc adapter | grep -i ide0

ide0      Available 04-08  ATA/IDE Controller Device


Select Task Menu:

                Select service mode boot

5. Exit SMS menu

                    Press 1 for YES

 6. In Define system console Menu

                 Type F1

                Type 1 for English


7. Next, the system will display,

Welcome to BOS Installation and maintenance menu

        Select Start Maintenance Mode for system recovery

Maintenance Menu:

              Install From system Backup

              Choose Mksysb device

Device Name             Path Name

rmt0                            /dev/rmt0

/dev/rmt0   (rmt0 Available 05-08-01-3, 0 Other SCSI Tape Drive)

# lsdev -Cc adapter | grep sisscsia0

sisscsia0 Available 05-08 PCI-X Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI Adapter

# lsdev -Cc tape

rmt0 Available 05-08-01-3,0 Other SCSI Tape Drive


Start Restore

8. After restoration is complete ensure the mount points of rootvg are all mounted.

9. List all LVs & mount points in rootvg

10. Plug the FC cables back into the HBA as before & run the following commands to check the detected disks:

# cfgmgr –v

# lsdev –Cc disk

11. Activate non-root VGs (datavg) to check if they are functioning properly. If yes, mount the LVs in the non-root VGs in their specific mount points & check whether the data is intact. List LVs in non-root VGs & their mount points and check.
        If no, import the non-root VGs using importvg command on the relevant disks

# importvg –y datavg hdisk1

       Then, mount the LVs in the non-root VGs in their specific mount points & check whether the data is intact

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