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Solution : Permission denied error while changing password in NIS

If you are getting a Error "Permission Denied" While changing the Passwords in NIS even if you are doing as root. the following steps solves this issue.

1. check whether the yppasswdd daemon is running. Type ps -ef|grep yp  to check this

2. if it is not running start the yppasswdd daemon with NIS Maps directory as parameter..

            #  /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/rpc.yppasswdd -D /var/yp/src/

                /var/yp/src/ directory contains the NIS Maps in Solaris

3. This will fix the  issue. Also check the permission and ownership of the passwd file on the NIS  
    Maps directory. it should be owned by root. This has been tested in Solaris and might work in  
    Linux as well

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