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Quick HOWTO : Kernel Tuning in AIX

“no”  is used in the following examples.
vmo, no, nfso, ioo, raso, and schedo all use similar syntax.

Reset all networking tunables to the default values

no -D (Changed values will be listed)

List all networking tunables
no –a

Set a tunable temporarily (until reboot)
no -o use isno=1

Set a tunable at next reboot
no -r -o use isno=1

Set current value of tunable as well as reboot
no -p -o use isno=1

List all settings, defaults, min, max, and next boot values
no –L

List all sys0 tunables
lsattr -El sys0

Change the maximum number of user processes to 2048
chdev -l sys0 -a maxuproc=2048

Check to see if SMT is enabled

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