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Paging and Swap Space Management in AIX

Utilities to monitor paging space in AIX:
    1. vmstat
    2. topas

Commands for Swap space Management in AIX:

lsps -a  - Lists paging space by disk
chps -s 16 hd6   - Changes the paging space by adding 16 logical partitions to the hd6 logical volume which is default swap space device.
chps -d 16 hd6  - Changes the paging space by deleting 16 logical partitions from the hd6 logical volume
mkps  -  Makes additional paging space
rmps  -  Deletes paging space  (paging space must be deactivated using chps  commands and then system must be rebooted to remove the paging space)

swapon  - Turns on a paging space
swapoff  - Turns off a paging space

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