Quick HOWTO : Kernel Upgrade in Linux

By Parthiban Ponnusamy

To Update the kernel
  1. use 'uname -a' to reveal current version
  2. use 'rpm -qa | grep -i kernel' - to reveal installed version

syslogd daemon in Linux

By Parthiban Ponnusamy

syslogd  daemon Handles logging in Linux
Some Features of syslogd :
  1. Unix Domain Sockets (/dev/log)

Quick HOWTO : Kernel Tuning in AIX

By Parthiban Ponnusamy

“no”  is used in the following examples.
vmo, no, nfso, ioo, raso, and schedo all use similar syntax.

Reset all networking tunables to the default values

Quick HOWTO : Mirroring rootvg in AIX

By Parthiban Ponnusamy

For example, If you want to Mirror rootvg to hdisk1,  Use the following commands.
extendvg rootvg hdisk1
mirrorvg rootvg

Paging and Swap Space Management in AIX

By Parthiban Ponnusamy

Utilities to monitor paging space in AIX:
    1. vmstat
    2. topas

Commands for Swap space Management in AIX:

Configuration Files and Commands for User Management in AIX

By Parthiban Ponnusamy

The files listed below are some important files for User Management in AIX

  lists environment attributes for each user

How to boot to the SMS Menu and Apply Firmware Updates in AIX

By Parthiban Ponnusamy

How to boot to the SMS Menu?

    1. Boot normally
    2. Interrupt the boot when the

AIX Boot Process

By Parthiban Ponnusamy

AIX Booting Process explained below.

Phases of the Boot Process:

   1. Read Only Storage Kernel Init Phase

         1. Motherboard is Checked
         2. Bootlist is found
         3. Boot image is read into memory
         4. Initialization starts

Quick HOWTO : Optimize Performance on Windows XP

By Parthiban Ponnusamy

Remove programs you don't need anymore
If you installed a program and it wasn't as useful or as fun as you had hoped, it's a good idea to remove it. Every program installed on your computer takes up space, and some programs

Capturing customized OS images and install with Microsoft deployment toolkit (MDT) & Windows deployment server (WDS)

By Parthiban Ponnusamy

Image based OS deployments will save a lot of time for system admins. Post your comments and feel free to post your questions on comments.
The components used to achieve this are,

Login Script to Collect Installed Softwares on PC Desktop/Laptops on Network

By Parthiban Ponnusamy

Here is the Login script which can be used to collect the installed softwares list on PC Desktops/Laptops over network. This script is used by me in production for more than a year. If you have questions on this, feel free to

Scripts : Login Script to Collect Hardware Asset inventory of PC Desktops/Laptops

By Parthiban Ponnusamy

Here is the simple Login script to collect the asset inventory of the PC Desktop/Laptops.

This script  saves the asset details as two  individual text files for each PC, in the network share.

One file is for detailed inventory

Solution : Permission denied error while changing password in NIS

By Parthiban Ponnusamy

If you are getting a Error "Permission Denied" While changing the Passwords in NIS even if you are doing as root. the following steps solves this issue.

Best way to Restore the forgotten the BIOS/CMOS password

By shankar

1) Boot up windows.
2) go to dos-prompt or go to command Prompt
3) type the command at the prompt: “debug”