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Windows services are critical processes that support required server functionality, such as Active Directory, email, DNS, automatic updates, etc. Sometimes Windows services fail to start or accidentally stop, and server administrators constantly have to keep an eye on such situations to prevent costly system outages and user productivity losses. One example is Microsoft Exchange Server, which has several services, such as Information Store and SMTP; the failure of even one of these services results in suspended e-mail delivery or even lost messages until the services are started again.

Service Monitor is a FREEWARE tool to monitor critical Windows services and optionally restart them after failure. The tool monitors all automatic startup services on multiple servers at a time and sends e-mail alerts when one or more services stops unexpectedly. The optional automatic restart feature ensures that all monitored services are up and running without downtime. The tool is lightweight and very easy to configure: install, enter computer names, and supply your e-mail address.

Features and benefits:

* One installation watches multiple computers at a time;
* Monitors all Windows services with startup type set to Automatic;
* Sends alerts by e-mail when services stop or fail to start at boot time;
* Optionally starts failed services;
* Optionally reboots computers when one or more services fail.

These features only available after purchase the professional pack.

At Freeware,

You can monitor 10 servers at time.

* Need to watch the all services at each server.
* Every 10 Minutes , you will get the report to your configured mail ID.
* Do not have more options like, Time interval and choosing the services.
* You can send the report to many Mail ID's with the seperator ";" (without quotes)

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