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Disk Space Monitor Tool

Server disk space is a critical resource that must be closely watched to prevent potential server downtime and failures. How many times have you gotten unexpected errors, lost data, and downtime just because the free space slowly went below an acceptable level?

NetWrix Disk Space Monitor is a FREE tool for IT professionals to keep track of server disk space on domain controllers, file servers, SharePoint servers, Exchange servers, database servers and others. The product centrally monitors the free disk space of specified servers and sends daily reports and alerts about low disk space conditions based on configured thresholds. The freeware version supports up to 10 servers, the Standard edition supports unlimited number of servers.

Product features:

* Monitors multiple servers at a time;
* Sends daily reports about all servers running below certain disk space thresholds;
* Can be configured and put into use easily.

At standard Edition,

* You can choose the Network share either whole server for watching the disk space.
* You do not have options to listening more than 10 servers or shares.
* You can send the report to many Mail ID's with the seperator ";" (without quotes)

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