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How to Update Vista Drivers in a WinPE 2.X Bootable WIM Image

Checkout WinPE project from SVN (Subversion) in:

Stage drivers in:

Create mountpoint for bootable WIM image:
mkdir c:\mnt

Cd to WIM sources directory:
cd c:\users\\Desktop\WinPE\sources\

Mount bootable WIM image R/W:
imagex /mountrw WinPE.wim 1 c:\mnt

Add driver(s) to mounted WIM image:
peimg /inf=c:\users\\desktop\drivers\.inf c:\mnt\Windows
peimg /inf=c:\users\\desktop\drivers\.inf c:\mnt\Windows

Unmount and Commit Changes to WIM image:
imagex /unmount /commit c:\mnt

Check all Changes into SVN (Subversion)
svn commit

Delete the WinPE Directory

Re-Create the WinPE Directory

Export the (Updated) WinPE Project from SVN (Subversion) to:

Create a New Bootable ISO Image with the Exported Project:
oscdimg -n -b"C:\Program Files\Windows OPK\Tools\PETools\x86\boot\" C:\users\\Desktop\WinPE c:\user\\Desktop\winpe_NEW.iso

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3 Comments for "How to Update Vista Drivers in a WinPE 2.X Bootable WIM Image"

Man , I cant thank you enough for this post i spent 3 days trying to figure out the wds boot issue for xp.

I cant thank you enough for this post, spent 3 days trying to solve the xp boot issue with wds turned out i needed the old waik for vista and copy pasted your instructions worked like a dream.

Happy to know. Stay connected with LazySystemAdmin

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