Quick HOWTO : Device (Hardware) Management in AIX

A Quick HOWTO reference on AIX device management Commands.

Install devices for attached peripherals  cfgmgr –v

The above command scan for Hardware changes and
installs the modules for detected hardware’s, then it will make the device available for Use

Remove device       rmdev -l
Device drivers        lscfg
CPU                      lsdev  -Cc processor
Disk                           lsdev  –Cc disk
Tape                     lsdev  -Cc tape
List Terminal          lsdev -Cc tty
Diagnostics           diag
Whole Disk            /dev/hdisk#

CDROM  is /dev/cd0 and its file type is cdrfs

Rewinding tape drive              /dev/rmt0
Non-rewinding tape drive        /dev/rmt0.1
Floppy drive                          /dev/rfd0

Hope this is helpful...

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