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Notes : Services Management in AIX (System Resource Controller)

srcmstr daemon controls all the other services or daemons in AIX.. 

lssrc -a              To list the status of all subsystems

lssrc -s nfsd        To list the status of the subsystem nfsd

lssrc -g tcpip            To get the status of the subsystem group tcpip

startsrc -s inetd         To start the subsystem inetd

startsrc -g tcpip        To start the subsystem group tcpip

stopsrc -s inetd          To stop the subsystem inetd (if process is under srcmstr. ie PPID of process=PID of srcmstr)

stopsrc -g tcpip            To stop the subsystem group tcpip

refresh -s nfsd            To refresh nfsd subsystem
refresh -g tcpip            To refresh tcpip subsystem group

lssrc -p [PID of process]  To get  status of the subsystem by process ID

kill  [PID of process]       To kill a process that not started by srcmstr

mkssys                   To add a subsystem

rmssys -s kerberos        To remove the subsystem kerberos

chssys -s kerb -s kad        To rename the subsystem kerb to kad

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