If we manually install the SAP 710,we need to configure the settings on by hand.
Step: 1
Before start doing changes, we need to copy the”SAPLOGON.ini” file to “c:\windows\” ,

1. Open the SAP logon to confirm that the environment variable was setup during installation.

2. Click the upper left corner and choose “Options” from the popup menu.

3. The following screen should appear. Make sure there is an item in the list called
4. The path for this variable should say “Environment Variable Not Set”.
5. Goto Computer “Right Click” Properties. Click Advanced Tab
6. In the window that open the Environment Variable button, click the “New” button in the User Variables for User
7. In the window that opens type “SAPLOGON_INI_FILE” in the top box and in the lower box
type “C:\SAP\saplogon.ini” and click “ok”

8. You will see the new variable in the upper window, click ok to close.
9. Open the SAP logon program to confirm that the variable was setup correctly.
10. Open the options menu to confirm that the Environment Variable was correctly setup. You
should see that the SAPLOGON_INI_FILE item now points to C:\SAP\saplogon.ini.
Step : 2
Open the file using Notepad,”C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\services” .
add port numbers, which is configured on your environment and save it.
Ex :
sapmsPRD 3602/tcp