Interview Questions and Answers - Linux Administrator - 2

What command can you use to review boot messages?
The dmesg command can be used to display the system messages during boot time.

What are the fields in the /etc/passwd file. Explain them?
There are 7 fields in /etc/passwd:

username:x:UID:GID:comment:home directory:shell

2)Password. Dummy value x denotes that its using shadow passwords
4)Primary group ID.
5)Comment /description.
6)Home directory path.
7)Shell assigned to the user.

Whats the journaling data contains in ext3? 

A journaled file system records information in a log area on a disk.   It logs the "metadata" i.e ownership, date stamp information etc..Once the log is updated the system then writes the actual data to the appropriate areas of the filesystem and marks an entry in the log to say the data is committed.

After a crash the filesystem can very quickly be brought back on-line using the journal logs 
using fsck there is considerably less chance of data loss or corruption.

How do u extend the LV in Linux?

First check whether is there free space available in the VG where the LV resides.

# vgdisplay or 
# vgs

Now, extend the LV using below command: "L" option to specify the size to be increased.

# lvextend -L +5G /dev/vg00/lv01

Finally, extend the File system space:

# resize2fs /dev/vg00/lv01
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