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Windows server core Command - Change

Change Command at windows 2008 server core


Change LOGON

Enable, disable, or drain session logins.


/QUERY Query current session login mode.
/ENABLE Enable user login from sessions.
/DISABLE Disable user login from sessions.
/DRAIN Disable new user logons, but allow reconnections to existing sessions.
/DRAINUNTILRESTART Disable new user logons until the server is restarted, but
allow reconnections to existing sessions.

Change PORT

List or change COM port mappings for DOS application compatibility.

CHANGE PORT [portx=porty | /D portx | /QUERY]

portx=porty Map port x to port y.
/D portx Delete mapping for port x.
/QUERY Display current mapping ports.

Change USER

Change Install Mode.


/EXECUTE Enable execute mode (default).
/INSTALL Enable install mode.
/QUERY Display current settings.

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