LDAP Management at windows server 2008 core

Dsmgmt facilitates managing AD DS/LDS application partitions, management
and control of the Flexible Single Master Operations (FSMO),
and cleaning up of metadata left behind by abandoned AD DCs/LDS instances,
those which are removed from the network without being uninstalled.

This is an interactive tool.

 Configurable Settings         - Manage configurable settings
DS Behavior - View and modify AD DS/LDS Behavior
Group Membership Evaluation - Evaluate SIDs in token for a given user or
LDAP policies - Manage LDAP protocol policies
Local Roles - Local RODC roles management
Metadata cleanup - Clean up objects of decommissioned servers
Partition management - Manage directory partitions
Popups off - Disable popups
Popups on - Enable popups
Quit - Quit the utility
Roles - Manage NTDS role owner tokens
Security account management - Manage Security Account Database - Duplicate
SID Cleanup
Set DSRM Password - Reset directory service restore mode
administrator account password

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