Configuring Link Aggregation ( Network Bonding ) in AIX - Quick HOWTO

Link aggregation means you can give one IP address to two network cards and connect to two different switches for redundancy purpose. In this only one network card will be activein one time, and when it got failed the other network card goes active and let us continue our work.

It is better to use through SMIT.


then goto

Devices > Communication > EtherChannel / IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation > Add An EtherChannel / Link Aggregation 

here select the network card that you want to use, ie active.

Eg: select ent0

IMP : then select Mode as 8023ad 

then select backup adapter for redundancy.(press F4 to show N/W adapters.)

Eg: ent1

press enter.

now ent0 and ent1 got bonded.

then automatically a virtual adapter will be created named ent2.

then put IP address and all to this virtual adapter.


Communications Applications and Services > TCP/IP > Minimum Configuration & Startup 

here select ent2 ( new bonded virtual adapter )

put IP Address and all,

give start now option.

Now you are successfully completed Link aggregation and checkwhether it works or not by removing the 2nd cable to the network card and check ping, then put the 2nd cable and remove 1st cable. 2 - 3 drops normally occurs in my experience.

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