ClusterSSH Tool

What is ClusterSSH and what is it used for?

Ever had to make the same change on more than one unix server? Find it annoyingly painful to keep repeating the exact same commands again and again and again?
This tool addresses exactly this problem. You run a utility (cssh) providing a number of server names as parameters, and then xterms opens up to each server with an extra "console" window. Anything typed into the console is replicated into each server window (so, for examples, you can edit the same file on N machines at the same time, or run the same commands with the same parameters across those servers).

It is also possible to type into the server windows directly, or temporarily disable replication to one or more of the servers through the "Hosts" menu.

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anil beniwal
February 21, 2011 at 10:06 AM delete

In KDE you need not to install such utilities. Just open multiple console . login to what ever systems you want right click on any shell console where it is written as shell1 shell2 ... shelln Send Input to All Sessions

now what ever you will type it will be typed on all the remote systems. means you can execute it on multiple systems on same time.
But you need to type it on same console where you have right clicked and enabled.

to disable it again to the same thing on same console.

February 21, 2011 at 11:22 PM delete

Hi Anil,

Thanks for sharing an useful information..


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