Mirroring rootvg in AIX

Use the following steps to mirror an AIX rootvg.

Make sure you have an empty disk, in this example its hdisk2
  • Add the disk to the vg via "extendvg rootvg hdisk2
  • Mirror the vg via: "mirrorvg rootvg"
  • Adapt the bootlist to add the current disk, the system will then fail to boot into hdisk2  when hdisk0 fails during startup
    • Type "bootlist -o -m normal"
      • this will list currently 1 disk, in this exmaple hdisk0
    • Type "bootlist -m normal hdisk0 hdisk2"
  • Run a bosboot on both new disks, this will install all software needed for boot on the disk
    • bosboot -ad hdisk0
    • bosboot -ad hdisk2
  • Thats all you are done :)

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