Reset Failed Login Count in Linux

Depends on the PAM configuration on Linux server, the Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM)

To check the login attempts to see if it needs to be reset type faillog -u <username>
[email protected]:~ # faillog -u user1
Username Failures Maximum Latest
user1       15        0
Reset the counter with the -r flag:
[email protected]:~ # /usr/bin/faillog -r user1
Username Failures Maximum Latest
user1        0        0
If you’re root but is not managing to become a user with su, you also need to reset the login counter:
[email protected]~ # su – username
su: incorrect password
[email protected]:~ # /sbin/pam_tally —-user user1 —-reset
User user1 (672) had 34
[email protected]:~ # su – username
[email protected]:~ $

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