Migrating / Upgrading EPO Server

Migrating EPO Server to New Server

If migrating to Server having the same IP address and same NetBios name, then

Step1: Check and note for the following in the current EPO Server, which have to be same on the New Server.
            a)   Database server should be same version and service pack (SQL or MSDE)
b)     All Service ports using by the ePO server
c)    Version and  Patch applied
d)     Agent Version

Step2: Backup your database.

Step3: Install EPO Server on the new server with the above requirement (As in Step1)

Step4: Restore Database.

Step5: Restart the New EPO Server

If migrating to Server having different IP address and different NetBIOS name, then

Follow Step1 to Step5, then make the old ePO server off from the network and,

Step6: Re-install agent to all the client machines (managed system) from the New EPO Server Console.

Visit https://kc.mcafee.com/ and search for the KB article

Note: For ePO 4.0 -> Export the agent server secure communication keys and Repository public key (ePO console -> configurations -> server settings -> Security keys -> edit)

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