Online Data Relocation to another disk in Linux

You can move data while the system is in use with the pvmove command in Linux server. This will be helpfull if you want to take the disk out from the linux server. After pvmove, you have to remove the PV from volume group to take out from the server.

The pvmove command breaks up the data to be moved into sections and creates a temporary mirror to move each section. 

The following command moves all allocated space off the physical volume /dev/sdb1 to other free physical volumes in the volume group:

pvmove /dev/sdb1

The following command moves just the extents of the logical volume MyLVOL1.

pvmove -n MyLVOL1 /dev/sdb1

The following command moves all extents allocated to to the physical volume /dev/sdb1 over to /dev/sdc1 in the background.

pvmove -b /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdf1

The following command reports the progress of the move as a percentage at five second intervals.

pvmove -i5 /dev/sdd1

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